29 APRIL 2016

A summary of the extensive third phase of public consultation on the emerging illustrative masterplan for Old Oak Park, the current home of Cargiant, has been published by the development team. The summary demonstrates an incredibly positive response to the consultation, but also identifies local issues, priorities, key areas and feedback that has been highlighted and that communities want to see the masterplan address.

The illustrative masterplan for the 46-acre site, that evolved throughout 2015 and continues to respond to consultation, will create almost 50 individual buildings, 14 bridges and viaducts, over a kilometre of Canal, 20-acres of open space, and a new cultural quarter.

Since January Cargiant, their development partners London & Regional, and the Old Oak Park masterplanning team have been consulting on these proposals, spoken with many hundreds of people across this part of west London at a series of public exhibitions, local meetings, workshops, school events, online and through individual conversations.

This follows the first consultation introducing the site in December 2014, and then a second round of consultation on the four key priorities and approach to Old Oak Park in June and July 2015.

We are very grateful to the local residents, representatives, community groups, residents associations and others who have given their time to speak with us.

The summary which can be read here gives an overview of the consultation process and the illustrative masterplan we presented, as well as the feedback we have received.

The evolving proposals and illustrative masterplan have received an overwhelmingly positive response, but helpfully the process has also highlighted a number of areas and ideas that local people would like us to consider further.

The summary responds to these by identifying how we are looking to respond to local feedback, for example we are looking at opportunities to retain some of the Rolls Royce Building and also to bring the canal in to the site, not just running along its edge.

In the coming months we will be returning for our final round of public consultation before an outline planning application is submitted to the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) later this year.

In the meantime, we are continuing to meet with local groups and organisations in addition to the extensive pre-application process with OPDC, Hammersmith & Fulham and other local boroughs, as well as transport authorities and neighbouring landowners. We are also working closely in evolving the illustrative masterplan with our internal Design Review Panel, chaired by Paul Finch OBE.

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