Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about our proposals or the wider Old Oak Common site, you may find an answer below. If not, or you would like further information about a particular subject, please get in contact via or by calling our Freephone on 0800 046 3379.

In 2013 the Mayor of London set out the vision to transform Old Oak Common into a thriving new piece of city providing thousands of new jobs and homes in this great location – what will be the meeting point of Crossrail, HS2 and the Great Western Rail Line.

This is an incredible opportunity to deliver locally as well as for London and this is the context in which plans for Old Oak Park are emerging.

Our plans do mean that Cargiant will have to move but we want to stay close to the existing site because we value their staff and customers. The business is currently undertaking a search for an appropriate location but the move will not take place for several years.

No, Wormwood Scrubs is not in our site and we feel it is important that this Scrubs remain untouched. It is a much loved open space for the people who live around Old Oak Common and we want to keep it that way for those who will live in this new piece of London in the future.

We see the canal amazing asset. Running for 1km along the site, the canal will have a nature reserve and towpath to the south and a new promenade to the north with a series of high quality public open spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Our latest plans also include a new Canal Basin, creating a fantastic and accessible waterside environment with activities happening on the water, with restaurants and bars around it.

In 2013 the then Mayor of London set out a vision to transform Old Oak Common into a thriving new piece of city providing thousands of new jobs and homes in this great location – what will be the meeting point of Crossrail, HS2 and the Great Western Rail Line.

In order to deliver this strategically important regeneration area for the future of London, the Mayor set out his intention to establish a Mayoral Development Corporation for Old Oak and Park Royal. This body is now the designated planning authority for the area.

The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) came into being in April 2015 and has been developing the planning policy and Local Plan for the area since, against which future applications, such as for Old Oak Park, will be decided.

The OPDC is made up of representatives of the GLA, the local authorities, the key transport bodies and representatives from the local communities. You can find our more at the GLA website here.

No we are not. We support the Mayor of London’s vision for Old Oak Common but as the landowners for the site we are working on bringing forward our own mixed-use development scheme that can deliver thousands of new jobs and homes. With the right team and the funding behind us we are best placed to help realise this vision.

A stadium development would significantly reduce the number or new homes, jobs and open spaces that the site can accommodate. Given stadiums do not often generate large revenues it would also diminish the wider benefits the site could create.

We are still in the early stages of our Masterplan process. Our world-class technical team are currently understanding the issues that surround the site and working on emerging ideas for the area and designs for the site. The Old Oak Park Masterplan is being evolved through close consultation.

In June 2015 we launched a consultation on our early plans to show how we can create something truly special at Old Oak Park and identifying our infrastructure solutions for this challenging site. This consultation has now come to a conclusion and we are moving into the next phase which we will launch early in 2016.

A planning application will follow later in 2016.

We are at a very early stage in developing the proposals for Old Oak Park.

An introductory exhibition was hosted around Old Oak Common in White City, North Acton, Dalgarno and Harlesden, in December 2014. During Summer 2015 we also held our first consultation on the site, and plan to present evolved plans in early 2016following this early feedback.

We continue to meet with local organisations, community groups, representatives and others.

If you need to get in touch or would like to request a meeting, you can contact the team here.